Veriria (veriria) wrote,

Birthday :) 30 years old!

And truth be told, I don't feel like I'm 30.  Hell, I don't even feel like a fully-fledged adult yet.  But that's OK.  Had my birthday party(s) and it was good.  Wasn't great, considering I invited about 60 people in all (mostly Rocky Horror cast member/previous cast members) and I didn't have many people show up.  I think the "bummed" part mainly stems from the fact that I bought a massive amount of food and drink and now I still have some leftover.  I think there were maybe 10 people at my 4pm party and 15 at my after Rocky Horror party.

It was still good fun though.  We got a keg of Woodchuck hard cider in addition to a limited amount of spirits.  Mr. Ed Lipinski also brought over 4 other bottles of vodka lol barely anything was drunk.  Anyhoo it was nice that I didn't have to perform at Rocky.  There was a new guy that performed as Frank.  I did however do Trixie and that was an experience.  I was so nervous!  I never get nervous for Frank but then again I perform as Frank all the time.

Well.  I totally broke my diet and ate all sorts of crap -- tomorrow I'll be better :)

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