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So on a whim I downloaded a new version of Palace software to check it out.  Oddly enough, I've done this every so often -- though this time around it looks as though some real developers got interested in it.  It's apparently not being developed commercially or anything, just by other people who like Palace.  The one thing that really strikes me is the fact that dolls/sk8er avs are no longer the normal avatar you see being worn at Avatar Palace.

And I'm going to guess the vast majority of you reading this won't understand this but I'll say it anyways.  Avatar Palace merged with Balamb Garden server and now it's just regular pictures being worn.  I don't understand!  Where did the doll/sk8er avatar makers go?  I mean I know Palace isn't mainstream at all or anything, but mainly people used it for the "dolls" and the creation of them.

Anyhoo, I did find a neat Palace named Darling Dollz (server is if you want to connect via Palace chatting client) that does in fact have what you and I know as dolls.  In fact, I've even found some of mine mixed in the rooms :>

In fact I emailed the owner named Violablu, asking in general about Palace and dolls, and got a response from her the very next day.  It's nice because she remembered me because of my dolling website.  

Meh.  All the dolling forums and websites I knew and loved are gone, or haven't been updated in years (much like my site!).  Boo. Guess it's time to start touring around again.

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