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Hi there!

I've been posting a lot in my "paleo_living" community but not so much here...Sorry I suppose, for anyone that actually reads this blog :)  Now that I'm here I don't have much to say...So, see ya later!
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Rocky Horror in NWI

So as we all know I perform with a Rocky Horror Picture Show cast, Help Me Mommy, in NWI.  We are the only cast in Indiana (that I know of) and there are two casts in the Chicago area - Complely Crazy and Midnight Madness.  However, they are both monthly shows only whereas we've been able to pull off weekly shows since the new cast has been around (and same for our old cast, the Pink Invaders).  I think that's really cool in and of itself.  There are maybe 10 casts nation-wide that can say they perform on a weekly basis.

Why do I like continuing to be involved in Rocky Horror?  I find myself wondering, and it is a rather difficult question to answer.  The people involved in the show are younger - I'd wager a good 3/4 of them are all in the 17-22 year old range.  Not that that is a particularly large age gap, but sometimes with the drama that goes on, I can see why I don't "hang out" with a few people on a regular basis.  But, I'm a deviant, and I think most people who not only attend Rocky on a weekly basis, but who are in a cast, are in some way or another.  I was never in theater as a kid, and I was never popular; however I was never bullied or teased much either, even though I was in the somewhat of a dork/goth/nerd catagory.  I guess Lake Central High School was just so large, everyone had their own social groups and it was very hard to make fun of someone without repercussions.

I guess because I don't have very many friends, going to, or performing in, a Rocky Horror Picture Show is a guaranteed party for me.  It's a way to interact with society and "be myself".  I can be strange. I can be sexy.  I can be me, and have a lot of fun doing it.

So, I've been thinking of purchasing some "Zumba" dvd's.  lol.  I HATE aerobics, mainly because they are petetitive stuff.  But someone where I can learn to dance (I have no rythem though) might be better.  I also thought it would be a hilarious thing, to take a pole-dancing class!  I should really take something at the gym we have memberships at -- they have classes almost every day of the week and you just basically walk in and join in, there are no prerequisites, which is cool, but they just need to be taken advantage of.
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So, I was all uber-excited to order and be getting an Alienware computer.  It's a brand of computer that I've wanted for years, and what with my job now I can afford one.  I got an m17x R3 laptop and it's pretty awesome -- excepting its been getting the blue screen of death.  Four times now, I believe, and I don't personally know why but I've shown the event logs to others (online) and they believe it to be a driver issue.  I'm getting advice such as to update all drivers and if that doesn't fix it, just reinstall Windows 7.  I have not contacted Dell's technical support yet.  My problem with this is I've only had the thing for a bit over two weeks, and this was a newly made computer, so why the fuck should it be having problems?  Ugh, things can never be easy.  I bought my brother a refurbished m14x R3 and he isn't having any problems.  I have the codes on the computer but when it blue screens, it's just usually when I'm surfing the web.  It says "driver state power failure" not necessarily in that order but it is what I remember.  It only happened once while playing World of Warcraft.

Planning on making a Paleo menu for a whole week, and then sticking to it for said week.  The last time I ate "Paleo" for one week, I dropped 7 pounds in about that time.  Then of course we went on vacation to the RHPS convention in Atlantic City and I think the only vegetables I ate there were potatoes (in the form of french fries).

I'd really like to go down in weight.  Mainly so I could dress like Lady Gaga :P  Just kidding!  Though we ARE the same height...She's a shortie!

Also, our "anniversary" night is tonight for Help Me Mommy!  Very excited -- I'm performing Whipping scene and Floorshow!  I may have to find new fishnets to wear tonight.  Ohh, and how I wish I had as big of a Fluffy as Frank has...
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 paleo_living is a community I started where I (and perhaps even my husband!) will start posting about eating a Paleo "diet".  I think that is a terrible thing, to call it a diet...Because really it will be a change in eating, a permanent one.  I decided to create a new one since all the Paleo/Slow Carb sort of communities I've found on LJ seem dead, or at least haven't been updated by anyone in a looong time.  Of course if anyone knows any that are still alive, please feel free to link it!
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I am SO tired.

While this trip to Grand Rapids is sooo much easier than the Port Huron trip, it's still quite sucky when it is late. Plus, my other train trip I basically worked 24 hours straight because we were late going to Pontiac and late getting back to Chicago, with only about a half hour in between coming and going again.

Seriously contemplating calling off my next Pontiac trip, I just feel like I need more than two days off. I wish I could last until my next week of vacation, which is in the earlier part of August...But still. I need to save my sanity a bit XD Or perhaps I should work my Pontaic trip and call off the GR trip...That way I'd have four days off in between work days. Hmm, something to think about at any rate.

I found a very neat website while perusing LJ -- http://www.dayzeroproject.com/ I started my own list though not really on the website. Just on my own computer. Probably going to continue adding to it, though I'm not sure how many I have at the moment, and then I'll post my own list.

I also got the "new" power cord in the mail yesterday for my netbook. It seems to be charging now, so I'm guessing I was right in assuming that was where the problem lay with the not-powering-up issue.

I get to see my nephew today! Well, maybe. My water brother asked if he could stop by, and possibly with Kristin and Carson yay! He really wants his new computer :) I liked my Alienware so much and he was jealous so I told him I'd buy him one, too. Where I got a new m17x r3 laptop, I bought my broham a m14x r3 laptop from the Outlet section of dell.com.

I really, really like my new laptop! The only drawback to owning it is that I can't take it to work with me! I mean, physically I could -- they say it is 12 pounds but it doesn't feel like it. But that sucker would get stolen as soon as I went to the bathroom or something, ha ha. I don't want to take that chance. I had contemplated getting myself one of the m14s or m11s but nah, maybe once what I have now dies I'll do that. Oh, and it really wouldn't be good for playing on while outside in the full sun. Seems as though the screen is completely encased in glass and the glare is quite bad.

Oh, and I had "VERIRIA" etched onto the little plate they put on their laptops :) Other than their awesome looks, it plays World of Warcraft spectacularly as well!
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...Of a Lady Gaga pre-show for Rocky Horror are going through my head XD Based off of the "Born This Way" music video.

Seriously, I really like Lady Gaga.

By the way, if you like Dr. Pepper, go to JEWEL-OSCO today. You will receive a coupon for a free bottle of Dr. Pepper, Cherry Dr. Pepper or Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper!
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The Trash Across The Street

Seriously, how many times must I call the cops on them?

Basically, the house across the street from us has a certain person or person that blare bass and music soooo loudly at times. For instance? Starting at fucking 9am this morning! Oddly enough, Zero went outside and asked them to turn it down...But that didn't last for long. Sadly though they left a good impression on him, as soon as he left for work it was as if they turned it up instantly. I went to the front door to peak outside, and the car they are working on is right in front of our house, too. So we hear it in all corners of our house >:[

I/we have called the non-emergency number several times over the last few months about these people. The noise literally shakes our house, causes the front door and windows to vibrate. I shouldn't have to hate being in my house like this! There are signs all over our neighborhood stating "Strict Noise Ordinance Enforced" or however it says it. But that doesn't help if it isn't actually enforced...

I texted Zero to say I was going to call the police and he messaged/texted me back saying "No don't!" because he thinks they'll think we called. I doubt it, though. When I was listening out the front door, someone else yelled "Turn it the fuck down!" and I don't know if that was a neighbor or someone else. Very strange.

At any rate, I did indeed call and damn, it is fucking annoying. Why can't they work on their car in their garage? Seriously.
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Sleep, Ugh!

I can't win, seriously...I woke up at 2am.

Basically, my 18+ hour day is today (it usually turns into a 22-24 hour day because this train is always late, due to NS having permanent speed restrictions in several spots of the rail for constructions. The sad part is, they let THEIR freight trains go faster! WTF?) and I rarely get good enough sleep the night prior.

If it is not lack of sleep due to going to bed at midnight, I get lack of sleep from going to bed so early (early to me at any rate). I got physically into bed around 9:30 with the lights off, but played on my iPad a bit (I found a very nifty blog - http://paleoonabudget.com) but stopped at 9:47 (because I remember looking at the time).

Now, yesterday I woke up around 6:30 am, I intentionally did so, so I could go to bed earlier. I know it took me a little while to actually fall asleep at night because I had taken a bit of a nap earlier in the day. But stupid me, I took a melatonin pill to try to help me fall asleep. I keep forgetting that it makes me wake up much earlier than I would otherwise >:(

I'm sure that part of the problem is that I don't wake up at the same time and go to bed at the same time every day -- but it would be rather hard to do, given my job. I NORMALLY wake up around 3:30 to 3:45am on this day and I could not imagine trying to do that every single day. It would be nigh impossible! But I am going to try to continue waking up around 7:30 or so if just so I can go to sleep earlier.
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Well, hi again!

So, not much going on.

Since my last entry (a year ago...) I posted about how my Rocky Horror cast was celebrating two years performing.

Well, now we are celebrating our three year mark! Though we are not perfect, I do love my cast and hope we have another good year. Though we have lost some people we have gained a lot of new people, and I can't wait to perform on our anniversary night!

I still work onboard the trains, still married to Zero, own a silly Pomeranian dog, my brother is back in the area and no longer active in the Marines -- and my nephew Carson, OMG I love him! I'm growing indoor vegetable plants O_o very exciting, haha. Still couponing but because I have a decent stockpile of "stuff" (not food) I don't need to shop much. We try to eat a Paleo diet so that we can lose weight but I tell ya with all the crap food I sell at work it is trying, sometimes, to eat correctly rather than open up a Twix bar.

Anyhoo. That's my small update.

Oh, and I may start doing youtube videos O-o honestly, I'm not sure how some people come up with content (let alone the video editing skills). Now I can totally see why some people find it hard to update even one video on a weekly basis!
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Whoo! Two years!


Of performing in Rocky Horror's only Indiana cast, that is! Help Me Mommy (or www.helpmemommy.com) Our anniversary show is tomorrow night, and I'm performing yay! I'm actually splitting the role with Nate, another of our Franks. We're kinda tag-teaming it, so he starts off with the Sweet T scene, then every other scene we perform. And since he's starting off, I get to end the movie with Floorshow. Sweet!

Every week it seems like we never know if we'll be kicked out (low numbers, bad for morale :/) but I'm happy that we've had a good two years so far. *IF* we ever do get kicked out of that theatre, I hope as a cast we decide to stay together instead of disbanding, and try to find a new theatre to perform in.

Going to rehearsal in a few. Ugh, I'm so tired from work, but glad I got a nap in today.

Oh, and yeah, my mom's being released from the hospital tomorrow. I've got such an uber-busy weekend, it's no joke.